New Botchat Features will Blow Your Mind!

Build your dream SMS botchat program and use as much or as little automation as you want!

You can now create botchat experiences based on responses to keywords which can help with critical workflows like rescheduling appointments, so that you maintain loyalty to the channel, SMS, throughout the continuum of the encounter. This is really important for continuity and also, your clients/caseload will love you for it!  With hybrid sms, a unique fusion of automation with live support, we’re changing how WIC, health departments, government agencies, and community health programs manage their daily communications.

There will also be new botchat powered programs coming out in the next several weeks including a fully automated Mental Health information and services/referrals utility that maximizes the OnDemand tools we pioneered in 2012.  Make sure to check back soon when we report on outcomes associated with botchat tools and programs!

Want to learn more about using Botchat and other automation in conjunction with live help? Check out these webinars:


Jonathan Holly
[email protected]

Mobile communications specialist in the fields of health and education using tier 1 SMS enterprise software

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