Health and education at your fingertips

We connect our customers to individuals and communities at critical times to improve health and education outcomes.

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Health and education at your fingertips

We connect our customers to individuals and communities at critical times to improve health and education outcomes.

Why our product is different than others in the field

PreventionPays Text is an industry leading secure text message platform that was designed with a focus on conversational texting with tailored group messaging features that you expect in an SMS platform. A feature rich user experience that is commonly referred to as “very intuitive”, “easy-to-use” with dashboards for both content managers and admins alike. Due to our always-in-development philosophy, PreventionPays Text boasts a 98% renewal rate, year after year by hundreds of health and human service agencies.

PreventionPays Text also provides multiple integration points with your current CRM because we recognize the value of systems that talk to each other – merged systems improve workflows and increase efficiencies. Check with us to see if your CRM is currently integrated. If not, then we commit to providing all the necessary information for easy, intelligent integrated solutions through our open API Development gateway.

We have great customers and a greater than 98% renewal rate

We have a deep understanding of the specific messaging needs of these agencies and this understanding helps guide the provisioning and setup processes for new customers.

We have dedicated cost structures and campaign setup procedures for the following customer types: WIC Agency, Police Departments, United Way Sites, 211 Sites, Behavioral Health Help/Hotlines, Department of Health Services, Public Health Departments, City and State Government Agency, College/University Researchers

We are able to service other customer types with a simple interview to understand your needs

PreventionPays Text

Industry leading text message platform for contact centers and agencies that provide health, human services and education.

We use text more than any other function on our phones – more than social media apps, email, browsing the web. Making voice calls is #6 on the list. Text-enable your agency with live, two-way carrier grade SMS on the leading platform, provisioned with all mobile carriers for health and human services.

PreventionPays Text is an enterprise tier 1 short code text platform with a focus on conversational texting and tailored group messaging with support for referrals, SMS surveys, group messaging, appointment reminders, and reminder series. For maximum privacy and security, the secure web application is hosted in our own private secure data center space where only we have physical access, and no one but you will see your data.

300 Million+


100 million+


6000 +


Two-way conversational texting and tailored group messaging with one easy-to-use service


We pride ourselves on PreventionPays Text’s simple pricing, with unlimited messages and no need to track day-to-day messaging costs.

About Us

Educational Messages Services(EMS) located in Ventura CA, has developed Tier 1 short code text messaging services since 2006, designing web-based mobile communication software primarily for the health and human service industries.

EMS has over 23 years of experience building, deploying and evaluating public health projects/programs using cutting-edge multimedia tools and techniques for priority populations across issues like HIV awareness/prevention, oral health, tobacco cessation, mental health awareness/policy, health care access, women’s health issues, suicide prevention, community health initiatives.

We are proud of our services. We’re the team behind the award-winning, nationally recognised text message service, the subject of dozens of evaluations and national conferences including AAS, AIRS, SAMHSA, National WIC Association, USDA, APHA, SEXTECH, Tulane School of Sociology, University of Nevada, Reno and many others.

Our PreventionPays Text platform helps 211s, WIC agencies, helplines, crisis, and many other community service providers communicate better.

Is your agency text-enabled? Learn why millions of people, from front-line staff to those they reach – the individuals, their families, friends, colleagues, teachers, community leaders, are impacted by PreventionPays Text everyday.

Tom Evans

Executive Director, Co-Founder

Jonathan Holly

Creative Director, Co-Founder

Robert Decker

System Architect, Lead Programmer Co-Founder

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