Need to Clean a Mobile Listserv?

There is a huge benefit to building and maintaining a group of mobile phone numbers. At one time, email listservs were all the rage. Nowadays, however, email addresses are becoming increasingly difficult to authenticate. With so much hacking, and predatory emails, email marketing has become a much maligned endeavor. How do you know when your email is actually being delivered? let alone read? With text, read rates are over 98%; as such, you can be many times more secure in knowing your texts are being read. But what about before then? How do you know the phone number you’re texting is in fact, a mobile phone number? That’s where PreventionPays new “MobileCheck” option will give you a huge advantage. Rather than trying to send a text to a phone number (that may or may not be mobile) upload your list and receive an excel report with that part of the problem solved. Your report will tell you the origin of each of the phone numbers, whether they’re “fixed” (landline) or “routable” (mobile). We will also tell you whether each of the numbers in your list are active.

This level of insight will give you a tremendous advantage and will restore new life in old, heretofore, unknown, and therefore, worthless mobile listservs. You can also partner with affiliate, like-minded agencies, that would benefit from knowing this information about lists they are maintaining. Most orgs are keeping one or more lists of mobile phone numbers these days. Now, with this new feature, you can breathe new life into your static lists and always be certain that your texts are delivered. Grow your confidence and validate your list before you send your next blast!

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